Over half a tonne of cocaine smuggled into Spain among bananas found in Malaga port

Over 600 kilos of cocaine worth €21 million were seized in the port of Malaga on Monday, hidden among a shipment of bananas from South America. 

Officers searched the container after carrying out meticulous analyses of so-called ‘hot routes’ favoured by narcos to bring cocaine into Spain.

At the beginning of February, a comparative analysis of different shipments and incidents reported in the distribution chain raised suspicions among investigators about a particular container. 

It led to officials from the Tax Agency’s Customs Surveillance and the Policia Nacional to target the container they deemed to be suspicious and an inspection was carried out.

bananas coke malaga
Six hundred kilos of coke was discovered hidden among bananas in the Port of Malaga

Upon opening the container, it was confirmed that over 600 kilograms of cocaine, with a market value of over €21 million, was hidden inside among legal merchandise.

Inspectors filmed themselves opening up the container and rummaging around among the bananas until they found wrapped up bricks at the bottom which were later confirmed to be cocaine.


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