British man arrested after two cannabis clubs are shut down in Spain’s Costa Blanca

A 24-year-old British man was among four people arrested in Torrevieja for selling drugs at two cannabis clubs in the city.

The consumption of marijuana and its derivatives is allowed by law in Spain at clubs based in private and secure premises, where drug consumption cannot be viewed from the street.

Consumers have to be registered club members but the sale and cultivation of any drugs is prohibited.

The Guardia Civil received complaints about two Torrevieja cannabis associations close to city leisure areas and allegedly frequented by minors.

Monitoring of the addresses verified that drug taking was visible on the public highway and that visitors were buying hashish, marijuana, and magic mushrooms.

The two clubs were raided, resulting in the arrest of the British man, as well as a Spanish man and a woman, and a Romanian female.

Seized items included 1,600 grams of marijuana, 590 grams of hashish, 24 cannabis ‘joints’ ready for sale, 20 doses of cannabis derivatives, dosing bags, 5 precision scales, 2 knuckle dusters, 4 daggers and €7,000 in cash.

The clubs have been permanently closed while the four detainees have been charged with drug trafficking and belonging to a criminal organisation.

They were all granted bail by a Torrevieja judge.


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