Top companies in Spain by region

Datacentric has updated its annual ranking of the top companies in each of the 50 Spanish provinces and two autonomous cities. It uses a methodology that analyses turnover, surveys of local professionals, web presence, growth rate and number of employees.

Unsurprisingly the food and drink industry reigns at large in many provinces with the meat industry doing particularly well with Campofrio in Burgos, El Pozo in Murcia, Fribin in Huesca, Incarlopsa in Cuenca and Noel in Gerona.

Alcoholic beverages also hold top ranks in several regions, wineries and beers have elbowed their way onto some points of the map. Heineken rules in Seville, and San Miguel in Guadalajara. As for wines, Felix Solis tops in Ciudad Real, Osborne in Cadiz and in Segovia DYC whisky.

The car industry also has a foothold in several provinces with Citroën in Pontevedra, Nissan in Avila, Mercedes-Benz in Alava, Renault in Valladolid, Seat in Barcelona and Volkswagen in Navarra.

Datacentric Map Of Top Companies In Spain
Map of top companies in different regions of Spain. Credit: Datacentric

The study features an interactive map where the highest ranking brands in each region can be viewed with annual turnover and number of employees.


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