‘British’ man sparks police panic after ‘confessing to shooting his friend in the head’ in Marbella – but all was not as it seemed

MARBELLA police embarked on a panicked search on Thursday afternoon after receiving a worrying ‘confession’ over the phone.

An unknown man speaking in English told the operator of the 092 emergency hotline: “I killed my friend with a shot in the head.”

The individual told officers he had just committed the crime at a hostel in Marbella, specifically in room number eight, and that his hands were covered in blood.

Believing the panic in his voice, all available units of the Policia Local were sent to the location at around 6.26pm, while Policia Nacional were informed of the operation.

Upon arrival to the motel, police were told by workers that they had heard no gunshots.

Two tourists were staying in room number eight and nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

Fearing the caller had given the wrong hostel details, a huge search was mounted across Marbella at hotels with similar names.

Meanwhile, Policia Nacional worked to trace the call, which they discovered had come from the Balearic Islands, reports Diario Sur.

It soon transpired that it had all been a cruel joke, and a dangerous one, given that it had collapsed local police sources for several hours.

Police sources claim the prankster used a prepaid card with an international number to avoid detection.

A new hunt is now underway to track him down and charge him with a crime against public safety.

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