With the autumn tuna season upon us, SO/Sotogrande debuts a new tasting menu straight from the nets of the Barbate fishermen 

CHEF Leandro Caballero is serving up a treat at his Cortijo Santa María 1962 restaurant in Sotogrande, classic tuna territory.

With the autumn tuna-fishing season underway, Caballero has introduced a stupendous ‘Tuna Experience’ tasting menu.

Located at the five-star SO/Sotogrande hotel, it showcases the best of classic Barbate-caught red (or blue fin) tuna.

Over five exquisite courses, all the finest cuts of the tuna fish are put to their best use.

Starting with cured tuna loin over toast, sprinkled with olive oil and pine nuts, it completely melts in the mouth while the crunchy toast brings its own counterpoint.

A rich white coconut and garlic soup accompanies a mound of tuna steak tartar and even at this stage the taste buds are dancing.

This delicacy does not even mark the halfway point of the menu, although it is helpfully washed down with a selection of local wines.

A slightly more delicate dish follows, with thinly-sliced ‘ventresca’ red tuna garnished with a modest medley of mixed vegetables.

The cheek of the tuna represents the heartiest cut of the fish in the menu, being accompanied by orange and saffron rice.

All through the meal, the waiters continually refresh your glass with a variety of wines in the pleasant and glowing confines of this exclusive restaurant.

Fish caught locally and served exquisitely to the highest standards, it’s a very compelling combination.

Reserve your seat at the table for €85 a head.


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