Building for the future: Andalucian luxury villa to be ‘Spain’s first carbon-zero home’ powered by unique hydrogen system

A PROJECT for what is claimed to be the first zero-carbon luxury home utilising a hydrogen generating system in Spain has gone on sale.

Running costs for the eco-home are expected to be 90% cheaper than similar new builds.

4 Eco Villa Mediterranean Homes
Photo: Mediterranean Homes/Creo

The villa will run on 100% carbon free energy supplied by a ‘domestic hydrogen power system’, developed by British company Creo International.

Solar panels will produce hydrogen from water which will power a generator to provide electricity.

The system’s only emissions are oxygen and water which can be redirected to the property’s garden.

Meanwhile, fully-insulated walls will provide maximum energy efficiency and temperature regulation for the property in La Cala de Mijas.

The onsite power supply will significantly reduce the overall running costs, with excess solar energy stored to ensure the home is fully self-powered throughout the year.

The project on Calanova golf has been designed by Marbella-based Architectural Design Team, and will use other renewable technologies, including underfloor heating.

It will also have a Tesla battery charging station.

It is being sold for €2.5m through Mediterranean Homes and will be completed within 12 months of the project being sold.

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