The Spanish town looking for someone to run a bar for 20 euros per month

The council of Cumbres de Enmedio in Andalucia, with 50 inhabitants, wants someone to rent the town’s only bar for €20 per month. 

The Huelva municipality is Andalucia’s smallest town, with the fewest inhabitants and its own council.

Workers from the council went twice a week to the town during the Covid-19 pandemic with residents’ shopping lists, so that they would not need to leave their homes. 

The community is tight, and the spirit is stronger.

And now the town is inviting someone in to run its only bar for just 20 euros per month.

The council will cover the costs of water and electricity up to a maximum of 150 euros per invoice.

But whoever buys the bar must be legally registered as self-employed, and pay the city council fee of 20 euros per month.

The town’s mayor Reyes Paez said the bar is an ‘essential’ resource to give life to the town, not only in its day-to-day life for the neighbors, but also taking into account its location at the foot of the road. 

“If it is possible to open and, incidentally, it is possible for there to be companies that settle in the joint industrial estate of the region, giant steps will have been taken to avoid depopulation in this corner of the Huelva mountains,” she said. 


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