Cafeteria customer fumes at ice cube charge on Spain’s Costa Blanca

AN Alicante cafeteria customer has taken to social media to publish a photo of her bill, which included an unexpected charge.

Posting under the name of Viking heroine, ‘Sigrid of Thule’, she and a friend had a couple of coffees and some toast at the unnamed establishment.

What took them by surprise on the €4.10 bill was a ten cents charge for a hielo(ice cube) requested by one of the coffee drinkers.

Ice Cube Charge

Many people online supported Sigrid’s surprise, though others pointed out many hospitality businesses charge for ice but include the cost within the price of drinks to hide the charge.

Last July, a bar in Jaen province made the headlines after it was revealed it charged 20 cents every time a waiter came to serve a customer on the outdoor terrace.


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