Car theft warning in Spain: Thieves are using high-tech gadgets to steal luxury vehicles in expat areas on the Costa Blanca

TWO men have been arrested for allegedly stealing high-end vehicles by using high-tech gadgets in the Marina Alta area of Alicante province.

Two cars with a total value of over €120,000 have been recovered at a Calpe address with the suspects detained in Calpe and the Lloret de Mar.

Both vehicles have been returned to their rightful owners.



The men, aged 49 and 53, had a record for similar crimes in several European countries, and became the Guardia Civil’s prime suspects after a wave of thefts started in March.

The duo targeted expensive cars in busy car parks which they regularly monitored.

If something took their interest, they waited for the owner to leave their car, or if it was already empty, one of the men made their move on it, while his colleague acted as a look-out.

They used a set of advanced high-tech devices to open cars and disable alarms, which also started the vehicle within a matter of seconds.

The stolen cars were moved around different areas to confirm authorities had not trac ked them down.

Cloned keys were made, along with fake registration documents and false number plates which passed off the vehicles as belonging to diplomats.

They were then driven out of Spain to be sold abroad.

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