??Summer 2024 in Spain will be ‘much hotter than usual’, warns state weather agency Aemet

JUNE may have been a mixed month of weather in Spain, with lower temperatures than usual and rain showers that are unusually late for the season, but the more common scorching weather for the summer months is on its way.

The country’s Aemet state meteorological service has just issued a new update for its three-month forecast, and high temperatures and low rainfall are expected.

The hot weather will be here to stay on the Costa del Sol, in particular.

“Summer will be much warmer than usual,” the director of Aemet’s Meteorological Centre in Malaga, Jesus Riesco, told newspaper La Opinion de Malaga.

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The hot weather will particularly affect the Costa del Sol this year. Image by Rosy / Bad Homburg / Germany on Pixabay

In fact, there is a more than 70% chance that the summer will fall within the top 20% of the hottest on record, he added. 

“The most likely scenario is that we have a quarter with less rain than usual,” Riesco predicted. 

Before the hot weather really kicks in, however, a weather phenomenon known in Spanish as a DANA is about to arrive, possibly providing the last respite. 

A DANA is an acronym in Spanish meaning an ‘isolated depression at high levels’. They are a low-pressure system located high in the atmosphere, and can cause chaos in Spain thanks to high levels of sudden rainfall and subsequent flooding. 

For now, however, the experts are unable to predict exactly which areas the DANA will affect, but Thursday is expected to be a key day for the weather front, which will bring with it lower temperatures and rain. 

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