Care home worker steals €6,000 from deceased British resident on Spain’s Costa Blanca

AN Alicante province care home worker has been charged with fraud after racking up charges of over €6,000 on a bank card belonging to a deceased British resident.

The nursing home in a Vega Baja region town has not been named but the 42-year-old female employee was arrested when ordered to visit the Guardia Civil in Dolores.

Investigations started in December after the family of the deceased man- in his nineties- started to sort out his financial affairs.

When they contacted his bank, they discovered that within days of his death, transactions worth more than €6,000 had been carried out.

A legal representative acting for the family reported the fraud to the Guardia Civil.

Officers discovered the transfers had been carried out via the man’s bank card and were mainly purchases on an online shopping platform

A female Spanish national was quickly identified as the culprit and she now faces a trial by an Orihuela court.


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