Court suspends 22-year-old plan for new urbanisation on Spain’s Costa Blanca

AN Alicante court has agreed to a temporary injunction to stop the resurrection of old plans to build an urbanisation in Lliber.

The left-wing Compromis party in the municipality asked for the order to suspend a building permit and to pause any work, which currently involves finishing off connecting a water collector in the Muntanya Llarga area.

It describes the resurrection of 22-year-old plans as an ‘aberration’ which could see the area’s population go up by over a third.

Compromis spokesman on Alicante Provincial Council, Gerard Fullana, said: “We are going to fight to defend our places from speculators as we don’t want to return to the old days that made the Marina Alta into one of the lowest income earning areas of the Valencia region.”

Lliber’s development plan(PAI) goes back to 2001 and provides for the construction of a 488 home urbanisation on the 406,000 m2 Muntanya Llarga slope which borders the Serra de Ferrer and Bernia-both protected landscape areas.

Compromis argue that the old PAI simply does not equate with a different era.

It says that any work on the water collector would not pass modern environmental criteria compared to the days of the ‘property construction boom’,

The party believes the whole PAI for Muntanya Llarga has to be examined differently and claims water supplies for all of the Valle del Pop municipalities would be endangered in addition to having a negative impact on local environment and heritage.


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