Children aged 12 and above could soon challenge parents who refuse to let them change their gender: Trans Law amendment is being proposed in Spain’s Catalunya

A UPDATE to the Trans Law in Catalunya could see children able to challenge parents who refuse to let them change their gender.

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The draft legislation could allow children aged between 12 and 15 to ask for ‘mediation’ if their parents disagree with their decision. 

The changes could also allow 16-year-olds to access medical services without parental permission. 

According to the draft, young people must receive information ‘appropriate for their age, maturity and understanding’ so that they and their legal guardians can take a ‘free and informed decision’. 

It comes after the national government approved a ‘trans-equality’ law allowing gender self-determination in February last year. 

Now, Catalunya will offer state-funded health treatment for trans patients as well as protections based on gender diversity in schools and universities. 

The regional government will also grant ‘Guaranteed Income’ to trans people between 18 and 23 years-old who have been subject to discrimination. This includes being made homeless. 

The law also states trans people will be able to compete in sporting events in line with their gender identity. 

Under councillor Tania Verge, Catalunya will also now introduce a new option for gender identity in official documents for ‘non-binary’ people. 

This move, it is hoped, will allow those who have not yet transitioned to ‘communicate their gender identity’ to administrative services. 

The draft legislation is now in the public information stage. 

It will need to gain the support of political and social groups to be approved in parliament. 

As the law enters its final phase, it will be up for debate in parliament. 


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