Horror as pet dog is electrocuted to death ‘after stepping into a charged puddle’ on Spain’s Costa del Sol

A PET dog died on a walk after allegedly being electrocuted to death in the resort town of Fuengirola. 

Police were alerted after reports of an electrical incident on Avenida Condes de San Isidro last Friday evening, January 19. 

According to police, a nearby electrical junction box may have caused manhole covers in the vicinity to become ‘live’.

Images circulating on social media showed a police cordon surrounding a puddle on the pavement.

The dog is reported to have died after being electrocuted by a manhole cover hidden by a puddle. (CREDIT: Instagram/fuengirolasequeja)

Reports suggest that the dog died after stepping into the puddle and coming into contact with the electrically charged manhole covers underneath.

Enesa, the Spanish electrical utility firm, was contacted by the emergency authorities after a number of lights went off in the area – engineers from the company helped local police to establish the cordon.

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