Coral Bay Beach Cyprus

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Coral Bay is one of the most famous beaches located in the vicinity of Paphos. It has perfect soft golden sand, magnificent panoramic views and exceptional cleanliness.

The coastal area attracts with its natural splendor. The gentle calcareous hills offer a beautiful view of the sea. Lush palms and other vegetation grow along the 500-meter coastline, highlighting the natural beauty of this place.

  • Interestingly, tons of new sand are brought to Coral Bay every year, although the beach was originally pebbly.
  • It is useful to note that Coral Bay has received several Blue Flag awards for the perfect order in the territory.

This is a great place for beginner swimmers and children, as you can walk barefoot on the sea bottom and there are no undercurrents. The depth gain is gradual, there are no sharp drops. And snorkeling lovers will be able to see all the beauty of the underwater world on the sea cliffs.

Coral Bay weather essentials

  • September-early October is the best time for a beach holiday in Coral Bay. During this period, it is still warm or even hot, the water in the sea warmed up very well after the summer, the influx of tourists decreased – grace. Both beach holiday and sightseeing trips are comfortable.
  • The end of May-June is also pleasant for relaxing in Coral Bay. The period is suitable for both seals and outdoor activities.
  • In July and August it is tot hot in the island + there are many tourists.
  • March, April and November are unstable off-season months, it can be warm / cold / dry / rainy, the weather at this time is unpredictable. Traveling around the island is the ideal time of the year. You might even be able to swim and sunbathe.


The five-star Sentido Thalassa Coral Bay is located 400 meters from the beach. This is a huge complex with several swimming pools (including a children’s one), a SPA center, tennis courts, a luxurious restaurant and a banquet hall. People come here for the following amenities:

  • spacious and comfortable rooms with sea views;
  • a wide range of food and drinks;
  • round-the-clock service in English and Russian;
  • availability of laundry, dry cleaning, fitness center, conference room and other benefits of civilization;
  • the beach has disabled access;
  • exemplary cleanlinss and hospitality.

Coral Bay has toilets, showers, changing rooms and trash cans. For vacationers, there is a cocktail bar, a Cypriot tavern, a souvenir shop and parking. There is a bus stop near the beach.

Within a radius of 3 km from Coral Bay there are the following infrastructure facilities:

  • amusement park;
  • supermarket;
  • gas station;
  • 20+ bars and hotels;
  • kart track.

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Housing cost in Coral Bay

There is a large selection of affordable housing in Cyprus, but you should book a suitable house in advance, as this will not be easy during the holiday season.

Self-booking 2021 Coral Bay Housing Costs:

Housing type Price
Hotel room from 70 € / day
Private apartments, apartments from 40-50 € / day
Villa (house) from 100-120 € / day


A large selection of luxury villas in Coral Bay on the Cyprus Villas site.

In all villas you will have peace, privacy and serenity. Beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Coral Bay weather essentials

The best time to visit Coral Bay is mid-May and October. At this time of the year, there is no excess of tourists, there is no sweltering summer heat.

The sea temperature at this time of the year is from + 22.8 ° C to + 29.8 ° C is conducive to pleasant swimming. The worst weather in Coral Bay and the water temperature was recorded in March + 22.8 ° C.

Coral Bay is a great place for families with children. The bay dampens large sea waves, the bottom is gently sloping, the coast is covered with fine sand, which is loved by children.

Where is Coral Bay

Coral Bay is a secluded cove and beach located thirteen kilometers north of the central part of the resort.

The length of the coast is about six hundred meters. It is covered with golden sand, which owes its origin to corals – hence the name.

How to get to Coral Bay

We recommend:

  • use public transport – city bus # 615 will take you directly to Coral Bay.
  • The price of a round-trip ticket is two euros, the travel time is up to half an hour. The service is supported from six in the morning to twelve at night, the time interval between passags is up to twenty minutes;
  • rent a car or ATV – this will allow you to travel on your own, stopping along the way in picturesque corners.

If, getting by bus, get off at the stop earlier, you will be able to walk the entire beach, having studied the surroundings and choosing a suitable place.


In the vicinity of Coral Bay, tourists are invited to get acquainted with the sights of the island.

  • Akamas nature reserve

This famous national park is nearby. It presents endangered specimens of flora and fauna of Cyprus, objects of the historical and cultural heritage of the island.

  • Bird and reptile park

The park is located in Peyia. The open-air territory of the reserve is up to one hundred thousand square meters. Special pens and enclosures are equipped for animals. The collection of birds is especially diverse in the park.

Visitors admire animals, participate in shows with exotic parrots. There is a separate children’s area on the territory, where a special entertainment program is offered.

The zoo is an easy walk from Coral Bay.

  • Kato Paphos

After visiting Coral Bay, it is worth visiting the archaeological park – Kato Paphos. Excavation sites from the historical heritage are presented here.

In the archaeological park, tourists are invited to get acquainted with ancient temples, villas, fortress ruins and other architectural monuments protected by UNESKO.

  • Avakas gorge

Another attraction in the vicinity of Coral Bay is the Avakas Gorge. It is easy to get here by bus # 616.

The gorge was created by a river flowing here, in the place of which a narrow stream remained. It is very beautiful here, but vacationers need to stock up on shoes suitable for walking on stones and not getting wet from the spray of the stream

  • Church of St. George

This small operating temple is located on the coast of the Akamas peninsula, forty kilometers from Paphos. The church was built according to Byzantine canons, without domes traditional for Orthodox churches.

  • Monastery of Saint Neophytos

Near the village of Tremitus, not far from Coral Bay, is this ancient abode. Its origins date back to the twelfth century, but the monastery acquired its present form by the fifteenth century. The monastery contains the relics of St. Neophytos, which are visited by numerous pilgrims from all over the world.

  • Main tourist street

On Coral Bay Avenue, tourists can relax in cafes and restaurants offering dishes of national cuisines of different countries, visit numerous shops.

  • Wind power plant

Another interesting object is a wind farm built in the mountains near Kouklia. This made it possible to ensure the energy security of the island, while maintaining a favorable ecological situation.

  • Coral Beach Watersports Base

Coral Beach watercraft rental base has been operating since 1985. It is proposed to rent equipment for practicing such sports as water skiing, scuba diving.

How to rent a car in Coral Bay

Numerous companies offer car rentals for a small fee so not to depend on public transport. And most of the island’s attractions cannot be visited on your own, without an individual vehicle.

Specialized sites on the Internet offer you to choose a suitable option from among local distributors. To arrange a lease, you will need to present a passport.

How to stay safe and avoid extra expenses

Whether you’re canoeing on the golden beach or having a rest with your family, a medical emergency can certainly put a big dent in your travels. It also can put a big dent in your budget.  A policy with travel medical insurance covers an array of medical crises and even repatriation costs. 

A whole variety of unforeseen circumstances can squash travel plans with little notice—which often means leaving you on the hook for financial and other losses.

Fortunately, the right insurance can help protect against these losses. Before you go, consider getting travel insurance to cover yourself in case delays, accidents, or illness occur on your trip. Travel health insurance is especially important if you have an existing health condition, are traveling for more than 6 months, or doing adventure activities such as scuba diving or hang gliding.

Before purchasing travel insurance, check with your own health insurance carrier to find out what type of coverage you have and what the limitations are.

Depending on your travel plans, consider getting insurance enough to cover a flight home or to a country with first-rate medical care.

How to save money on vacation in Coral Bay

Given the hot climate, it is difficult to do without an umbrella on the coast in summer. In order not to spend constantly on rent, if you have your own transport, you can buy your own umbrella.

Another way to save money is to buy snacks on the coast at local supermarkets.

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