Scammers rented out non-existent homes in Costa Blanca and Murcia areas of Spain

A San Javier-based letting agency that rented out non-existent properties has been brought down by the Guardia Civil.

A father and his two sons scammed would-be tenants by taking deposits and first-month rents for alleged homes in the Murcia and Costa Blanca areas.

Investigations started in 2018 after a man was swindled over a San Javier property rental

He turned up at the address and found an empty plot of land.

All of the homes were advertised on a prominent internet platform.

The gang leader had strong persuasive powers to convince clients to shell out money for properties they had not physically seen.

He personally visited new clients in the Murcia region to secure the fraudulent deals.

He even created bogus leases for new tenants to sign.

The man had an extensive criminal record for fraud and along with his sons, used pre-paid phone cards to cover their tracks and to make appointments.

The Guardia Civil said that following his arrest for fraud, he was jailed to serve a sentence for homicide.

They gave no further information about that case or any personal details.

His sons have been charged with fraud and falsifying documents.

Two of their associates are still being investigated.


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