Costa Blanca fire rescue team return home to Spain with moving tales of Turkey earthquake devastation

ALICANTE’S specialist fire rescue team has returned home after going out to Turkey to assist in rescuing survivors of the devastating earthquakes that struck the country on February 6.

They linked up with members of the GEA Alicante Volunteer Group in the south-eastern city of Adiyaman.

The firefighters were joined on their trip by their rescue dog Piña who praised her professionalism.

Pina The Dog

“She was tireless and always knew when she was wanted by going through all the assigned areas without hurting herself,“ they said.

“Piña was also the only rescue dog who played with local children when she finished her work shift,” the fire crew added.

Alicante councillors Jose Ramon Gonzalez and Maria Conejero said the firefighters ‘did an exceptional job of which we are all deeply proud in difficult conditions over long days in temperatures of up to eight degrees below zero’.

The fire crew said that ‘we have taken away the desolation of families and their deep pain as they lost everything but yet they gave us great hospitality to show what exemplary people they are’.

“We have returned very tired, with a lot of sadness, but the satisfaction of having been able to go there and help them,” said one of the team.

They added that they were grateful for the on-site organisation and international coordination that saw them being treated well and given every assistance in their rescue efforts.


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