Guardia Civil seize 2 tons of hash in surprise dawn raid on popular beach in Spain’s Andalucia

POLICE seized nearly 2 tons of hashish after a dawn raid on two launches that landed on the popular Tarifa beach of Los Lances.

The two boats, loaded with 59 bales of hash, reached the Tarifa beach on Sunday where a group of people were waiting to unload the drugs.

But the Guardia Civil arrived just as they were starting to unload the cannabis resin, forcing them to scatter into the darkness.

Police officers searched the area and finally arrested one person.

They found 1,992 kilos of hash in the two boats which police then seized.

The successful operation adds to the thousands of cannabis seizures carried out throughout the year.

They mainly arrive from hash-producing regions in the north of Morocco.

The most amount of hashish police found in one operation so far was the 52 tonnes of hash discovered in a Cordoba warehouse.

In that operation, armed men tied up a man who returned a rented folklift.

He escaped and called the police who then set a European record for the most amount of hash found in one location.

High unemployment rates regularly attract people in south Spain to drug smuggling as a way of making ends meet.


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