Costa Blanca ‘possessed’ killer gets life sentence for stabbing mother 69 times at their home in Spain

A man has been jailed for life for the 2020 murder of his 67-year-old mother in San Vicente del Raspeig.

An Alicante jury convicted the 32-year-old killer, Jorge, in December of stabbing his mother, Josefa, 69 times in the family home on Calle Reyes Catolicos.

They agreed with the prosecution that he wanted to kill her for some time and that he ‘seized’ his chance.

His defence was that drugs caused him to have a psychotic episode that led him to believe he was possessed by a dead relative

The judge said at the sentencing hearing that the man will also have to serve a concurrent term of 14 years for the attempted murder of his father.

He tried to help his wife but got stabbed three times in the neck by his son.

He then fled in a car towards Alicante after a neighbour intervened.

The Guardia Civil arrested him and found a bloody knife in the vehicle.

The court also ordered a 20-year restraining and communication order barring all contact between him and his father, as well as his sister.

The hearing also imposed a fine of €330.000 to be paid in compensation to his father, sister, and aunt.

The judge said excuses offered at the trial that the son was not ‘in a fit mental state’ at the time of the assault in June 2020 did not stack up.

His trial defence was that he suffered a psychotic outbreak caused by drug-taking.

He claimed he was ‘possessed’ by a dead great uncle who told him to kill his parents, and then take his own life.

Hospital reports showed there was no alcohol or narcotics in his blood and the judge noted that ‘he was fully aware of his actions’.

Family members testified at the trial that the mother suffered systematic abuse over a period of time from her son.

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