COVID-19 passports to be extended to indoor hospitality and leisure venues in Andalucia area of Spain

ANDALUCIA will extend COVID passports to indoor access for hospitality and leisure businesses.

The regional Superior Court court(TSJA) approved the measure in Granada this Friday.

The passport or a negative COVID test will be a mandatory requirement until January 15.

The measure already applies to people visiting patients in hospitals or residents in care homes.

The TSJA earlier this week rejected the regional government application to widen the passport’s use after hospitality and leisure workers were included in their order.

That demand has been struck out leading the TSJA to rule that the application meets the requirements of ‘necessity, suitability and proportionality’.

It agreed with the government’s objective of using the passport to cut coronavirus infection rates by reducing indoor hospitality and leisure access to users with high transmission rates.

The court previously said that users had the choice to enter premises but the proposal was unfair to employees.

It did concede that the passport extension violated fundamental rights but to such a ‘low’ extent because the ‘threat to life’ had to be considered within the overall equation.

The TSJA ruling stated that ‘the Christmas holidays, given the multiplication of social interactions and travel, will increase the potential risk of contagion’.


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