Criminal gang turns squatted flat into secure drug dealing compound on Spain’s Costa Blanca

A gang of Alicante drug dealers turned a squat into a secure compound to avoid being caught by the police.

Five people have been arrested by the Policia Nacional after creating a sophisticated drug distribution network.

Their headquarters were based in an illegally-occupied apartment in the northern part of Alicante.

Entry to the flat was via a newly-installed reinforced door with security grills.

CCTV cameras inside and outside the property were also used to keep an eye out for any police activity.

The measures were still not enough as the gang leader blew the whole operation himself.

He was stopped at an Alicante Policia Local checkpoint.

Officers discovered 100 grams of cocaine in his vehicle and the rest of his crew were rounded up.

Three kilos of speed was seized during raids on four addresses, along with a gun.

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