Where is YOUR favourite Spanish dish on Instagram’s favourite Top 10?

ONE of Spain’s most endearing attractions is the fantastic range of beautiful dishes on offer at bars, cafes and restaurants throughout the country.

But which, out of them all, is the meal most posted on Instagram?

In first place is the flexible and iconic Valencian rice dish, paella.

Dish Paella
SEAFOOD PAELLA: Photo Credit, Olive Press

With its endless meat, seafood and vegetarian variations, it has received over 3.3 million hashtags to date.

Empanadas are a distant second with over half a million fewer hashtags, just over 2.7 million to date.

These Galician flavoured pastries are traditionally filled with tuna and served alongside sofrito sauce.

Third is gazpacho, the refreshing vegetable soup, served cold.

Despite the ongoing debate surrounding soup being a meal or not, it’s still been tagged over 380,000 times to date.

Below is the full Top 10 tagged dishes in Spain, with the number of Instagram hits in brackets.

  1. Paella (3,325,532)
  2. Empanadas (2,756,145)
  3. Gazpacho (380,257)
  4. Tortilla de patata (331,658)
  5. Bocadillos (306,422)
  6. Fideuà (164,250)
  7. Cocido (130,235)
  8. Lechazo (22,850)
  9. Pollo al ajillo (6,800)
  10. Arroz con huevo (6,319)

Across Europe, researchers at huisbezorgd.nl found that pizza is the most Instagrammable food across the continent, with over 86 million hashtags to date.

They say the versatile nature of pizza toppings means that every culture can put their own twist on the classic.

Globally, 45 million hashtags places sushi behind pizza, but it’s still top of the list in Asia.

In Africa, the street food shawarma is the most Instagrammable dish, with over 1.5 million hashtags.

Unsurprisingly, burgers are top in North America, with over 33 million hashtags.

In Oceania, the Australian classic meat pie claims the top spot with over 266,000 hashtags to date.

Below is the list compiled by huisbezorgd.nl of the world’s most ‘instagrammable’ foods.

Worlds Top 10 Food

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