Crooked cop who tries to steal €6,200 watch from arrested man banned from the force in Spain’s Andalucia

A POLICEMAN who tried to steal a €6,200 watch from an arrested man in Spain’s Estepona lost his job and got a two-year suspended prison sentence.

The Official State Gazette reported Monday that the former Policia Nacional officer had accepted the punishment for the crime of embezzlement of public funds.

The offence dates back to August 2016 when the officer in question processed the arrest of a man detained for domestic abuse.

The alleged abuser handed in the watch with his belongings during his incarceration.

It was stored in a sealed bag that was opened and closed with a key.

That is when the crooked cop took the watch and kept it as his own.

When the owner of the watch denounced its disappearance, the police officer returned it to the station but stored it in a different place.

In October 25 last year, the provincial court issued its sentence of banning the former police officer from public office for three years.

He also got a prison sentence of one year, but this was suspended for three years under the ruling.

Just as the trial was going to be held before a jury, prosecution and defence lawyers agreed to his final punishment.


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