Divers in Search for Marta Calvo Remains in Valencia

SPANISH authorities have deployed specialist divers attached to the Guardia Civil to search a deep well in their search for the body of Marta Calvo, who was murdered after meeting a man for a date in Valencia. 

Officers believe that the 25-year-old confessed killer, Jorge Palma, had lied in his statement to police after claiming he had disposed of her remains in waste disposal units. After analysis of his telephone it currently seems that he was at the scene of the crime for around two hours and had disposed of the body in a nearby location, but not in the area he had stated. Police have spent months searching Valencia landfill sites as a result.

Concluye sin éxito la búsqueda del cuerpo de Marta Calvo | Comunidad Valenciana | EL PAÍS
PHOTO: Marta Calvo

Around 30 Guardia Civil officers resumed their search on Wednesday in a deep well located in an abandoned house in Senyera, and authorities brought in divers to help with the search.  

The young woman disappeared, close to the home of the alleged murderer, on November 7 2019 in the town of Manuel in the province of Valencia.  

The deceased had gone to meet Jorge Ignacio Palma, who has confessed to the crime, after meeting him on a dating platform. 

Whilst events surrounding the murder are still being invesigated, the search for her remains now revolves around “a deep and open well” where there is a quarry, a number of wells and an illegal dumping site. 

Jorge Ignacio Palma.
PHOTO: Jorge Ignacio Palma

Despite a manhunt lasting many months, no remains have ever been recovered. A team of specialist canine officers and dogs are currently continuing to search for her remains. 

Marta Calvo’s mother told the media that she is only interested in retrieving her daughter’s remains, and that she has faith in the police. 


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