Dog owners ordered to carry poop bags and to clear up urine in Valencia area town in Spain

BURJASSOT council in Valencia Province has declared war on dog owners who allow their pets to foul public areas without clearing up their mess.

A new law means all dog owners will have to carry poop bags to pick up dog mess and carry a bottle of water to clear urine deposited by their pets.

A DNA register is to be introduced to identify poop that has not be picked up, allowing owners to be fined.

The council says the cleanliness of the municipality will be dramatically reduced by the new measure.

Washing away urine with water allows bad smells to be eliminated and stops other dogs from peeing in the same place.

The authority adds instances of damaged urban furniture will be reduced over time.

It believes that based on experiences in other municipalities, the DNA register will allow dog mess in public areas to be reduced by over 70%.

Burjassot council hopes the changes will bring greater ‘awareness, cleanliness, and civility’ among all dog owners.


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