Spaniard detained for sending deathreats via AirDrop to passengers on Alicante flight

A SPANISH man was detained by police after sending threatening and demonic messages to fellow passengers before takeoff on a flight bound for Alicante.

The Vueling Airlines flight was preparing to take off from Fiumicino airport in Rome on July 21 when dozens of passengers suddenly received disturbing messages through Apple’s AirDrop application which allows the sharing of messages and data between iPhones near to one another.

Vueling Snip
The sudden influx of strange messages alarmed passengers.
Photo: Wikipedia

Messages were sent in Ethiopian Amharic and, when translated, read ‘Wake up, wake up, wake up’.

Shortly after, death threats were sent including: ‘’Your family will bleed for your actions’, ‘You will suffer eternally for your actions’ as well as an eerie picture sent through showing a man with a white face mask clad in a white shawl.
Once passengers informed staff of the mysterious messages, the pilot delayed take off and reported the incident to border police.

Officers then boarded the plane to investigate, with the culprit discovered to be an 18-year-old Spaniard, who admitted sending the messages before being detained by police.

A spokesman for Vueling told MailOnline: “Flight VY 1367 FCOALC had a delay of 2 hours due to a young passenger’s prank who sent threatening pictures through Airdrop. Our crew followed the security procedures: the passenger was disembarked and detained by the police.”


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