‘Drunk’ woman crashes football star’s €215,000 Ferrari in Madrid: Sports car is mangled after smashing into a metal fence

A ‘DRUNK’ woman has crashed a football star’s €215,000 Ferrari into a metal fence in Madrid, mangling the car.

The Brazilian woman was driving footballer Ferrerira Sousa’s Ferrari on Tuesday, May 7 down the Paseo del Prado. 

According to laSexta, she had swapped cars with Sousa just minutes before hitting a fence near the Plaza de Neptuno and turning the car 180 degrees. 

Although she stated she was not driving at the time of the incident, police verified using security cameras that she was.

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Photo: laSexta

The driver was found to be two times over the legal alcohol limit. 

When police arrived at the scene, they found the 40-year-old woman alongside a man, of around 20 years old, leaning on a nearby Mercedes. 

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Sousa was driving the Mercedes but had left the scene to ‘find the Ferrari’s papers’. 

Another man arrived at the scene, claiming to be the driver despite the Banco de España footage which proved otherwise.

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