Loan shark warning in Spain: How a woman who borrowed €120 amassed a €16,000 ‘debt’ with mobsters who ‘attacked and threatened her’ to pay up

SIX people have been arrested in Alicante for allegedly trying to extort €16,200 out of a woman for two loans totalling €120.

The Policia Nacional say the loan sharks physically attacked the victim and threatened to shoot her.

The woman- who lives in north of Alicante- was in a tough financial state and heard about a group who handed out small loans.


One of the gang gave her a €20 loan, but is said to have made a repayment demand for €1,200 a short time later as a late payment penalty.

The victim was allegedly forced to request a new loan from another of the group for €100, and three months later when she did not clear her debt, one of the crew claimed €15,000 as a surcharge.

The woman was unable to pay back the vast amounts and began to suffer threats and assaults that left her in a state of terror, according to the police.

On one occasion, four people went to her home and after banging on the front door, entered the property and threatened to kill her while brandishing a knife.

Another accusation is that two people pulled out her hair and attacked her, causing several bruises.

She was forcibly removed by the gang from her social housing and ordered to register children of the group as official residents to make the transfer appear legal in public registries.

Other incidents include a death threat made in the street and an invasion of her new home where the Policia Nacional arrested three people who said they would shoot her dead.

Four men and two women- all Spaniards- aged between 46 and 19 years of age have been charged with extortion, making threats, and assault.

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