€15,000 fine for venue and DJ who spat alcohol over revellers in Spain’s Torremolinos last summer

THE performance of DJ duo Les Castizos at a chiringuito in Torremolinos last summer, which caused a public uproar, has been sanctioned with a €15000 fine.

Just over twelve months ago, a video which showed the tattooed DJ, Fali Sotomayor standing atop of the chiringuito bar dancing before taking a mouth full of Jagermeister and spitting it in the faces of the crowd below, went viral on social media.

The video was taken last year at the Kokun Ocean Club on the Los Alamos beach in Torremolinos.

He then poured shots from the same bottle he had just swigged from to club goers. In the 22-second long video, none of the people involved were wearing masks or social distancing, required by law at the time.

Both the DJ and the venue have since been fined €15,000 by the Junta, the highest possible penalty for not applying the COVID-19 regulations.

According to official sources, DJ, Fali Sotomayor, has already paid his fine.

The establishment, however, which at the time lacked the necessary licences to hold events with music, has presented allegations and has not yet paid their corresponding fine.

After the incident last summer, Sotomayor publicly apologised for the events that occurred, and assured that the video was a ‘specific moment of a show during which, unfortunately, they act irresponsibly.’

Going on to exempt the Torremolinos beach venue where the events occurred, saying that he was ‘totally responsible for the acts.’

Apart from the fines, a report from the assigned police unit outlining the establishment’s clear lack of safety measures, has also been presented to the Government Delegation of Malaga.


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