€2m cannabis haul seized from smugglers who flew helicopters stashed with drugs across Mediterranean

POLICE have seized cannabis worth over €2million after high-speed car chase through Spain led to the discovery of 329 kg of hashish hidden in a private vehicle.

The driver reached speeds of up to 180 km/h while trying to escape the Spanish guard. Finally, he was arrested together with three other individuals and Spanish officers later discovered 266 kg of hashish at the address where the car was registered.

Spanish police confirmed on Wednesday that they had dismantled the criminal gang when they arrested eight more people who were alleged to be involved in transporting the drugs from Morocco with the use of modified helicopters. 

The group used helicopters to smuggle hashish and marijuana from Morocco to the South of Spain before smuggling the drugs to France, cops said. 

The network smuggled the drugs to France with the ‘go fast’ method (using vehicles with false number plates) or by concealing the cannabis in legal cargos transported by heavy trucks. 

Police added that the crime syndicate was highly organised, using the profits from the drug trafficking to enhance this technical set-up and expand their trafficking capabilities. 

The gang member used shell companies to launder the money and evade detection. 


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