Elaborate disguise can’t stop Costa Blanca arrest of one of Spain’s ‘Most Wanted’ criminals

THE Policia Nacional have arrested a fugitive child sex abuser who was on their list of Spain’s Most Wanted criminals.

Diego Dario Gonzalez Ghersi was detained on Tuesday afternoon in Sant Joan d’Alacant.


He was convicted and jailed for 40 years for abusing his five-year-old daughter in 2008 by forcing her to watch pornography and inappropriately touching her.

Gonzalez Ghersi was the third person to be caught off the Policia Nacional list which was published on May 30.

Police said finding Gonzalez Ghersi had been ‘extremely difficult’ as he had gone over a complete makeover since disappearing in February 2021.

He grew a beard and his hair was long and dyed blonde.

He resorted to using coloured contact lenses and shoe implants to boost his height, as well as new body tattoos to mask the previous ones he had.

Gonzalez Ghersi regularly changed addresses and did unskilled ‘off the book’ work to survive.

Despite all his efforts to disguise himself, police got some strong tips that he was in Alicante Province after publishing their Most Wanted list.


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