Environmental activists glue themselves to runway at Madrid’s Barajas Airport

ENVIRONMENTAL activists managed to get past security at Madrid’s Barajas Airport early on Friday morning and glue themselves to a runway in the latest of a series of protests. 

The demonstrators from the Futuro Vegetal (Vegetable Future) collective were reportedly still in place earlier this morning and had not yet been detained, according to news agency Europa Press. 

The activists managed to access one of the runways at the international travel hub at around 6am, and were carrying with them a poster that read: “The people united do not need a party.”

According to a statement they released, the aim of the protest was to highlight the fact that ‘no political party’ was running at Sunday’s general election in Spain with any proposals that were ‘up to the task’ of combatting changes to the environment caused by mankind.

Futuro Vegetal added that it wanted to call on Spaniards to ‘get organised to deal with the worst consequences of the climate crisis’, also denouncing the fact that some parties running at the elections on Sunday are ‘openly deniers’ of the environmental emergency facing humankind.

On July 14, the collective staged a similar protest in Ibiza airport, pouring paint over a private jet and glueing themselves to the aircraft. 

Earlier this year protestors also glued themselves to the microphones in the Congress of Deputies parliament building, while in November of last year they staged a similar demonstration in Madrid’s Prado Museum

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