EXCLUSIVE: Tragedy as community raises €15k for disabled expat on Spain’s Costa Blanca but error means €7k more needed

A YOUNG British mother forced to live life in a wheelchair has suffered a terrible knock-back because of a supplier’s error.

Friends and neighbours had raised just enough to help Jodie Lee Baxter install a special lift in her Daya Nueva home so that she could live a family life and integrate with her husband and three children.

Exclusive Jodie Lee Baxter 2
THANK YOU: Jodie is so grateful to her community for helping

However, after expressing her ‘amazing gratitude’ to all the fundraisers, the 34-year-old was shocked to find the original quote was only for supply and fitting of the equipment.

It did not include the installation of the lift-shaft itself on the outside of her Costa Blanca home.

She exasperated, “After so many people had done so much to help, they were looking forward to the lift being installed just as much as me!”

Continuing, “But when I discovered the supplier had got the quote so wrong, I burst into tears.”

“I felt like I’d let everyone down,” admitted the Chingford-born translator.

After weeks of searching, she eventually found a company that will fit a more appropriate lift AND build the required lift-shaft.

The new supplier, Cibes Lifts, agreed to help further by discounting the cost by €3,000, but the new figure is still €22,000.

Exclusive Jodie Lee Baxter
FAMILY LIFE: Jodie with daughters Madison and Gabriela

The mother of three is wheelchair-bound after years of epileptic fits and induced comas meant she cannot use her legs.

Her husband, Vicente, is a busy farmer so finds it difficult to be at home when Jodie and the children (Tommy, Madison and Gabriela) need him.

Interaction with her family is essential to her long-term recovery, mental well-being and maintaining the hope that she may walk again.

But whilst Jodie is living in a small converted garage on the ground floor at home, that interaction is almost impossible.

The recovery involves trivial-sounding tasks like cleaning and putting her young children to bed, but those jobs are so important, says Jodie, “I just want to go back to what I love doing – being me and helping others.”

But, for the time being, the ex-professional photographer knows she’ll have to rely on the community and the kindness of strangers to help out.

A friend has already set up a GoFundMe page, but no more fundraising events have been planned yet.

If Olive Press readers would like to continue Jodie’s recovery and help get the lift installed, please click here.

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