Experience the true Gibraltar experience at its summer fair this coming August before National Day

THE ever-popular Gibraltar fair will take place on August 19-27 at the old Rooke site on Queensway featuring rides, tombolas and stalls.

The Self Determination for Gibraltar Group (SDGG) announced Gibraltar Cultural Services will jointly organise the nine-day fair.

Works will begin shortly on the site to landscape the area for the fair that normally attracts attractions from Spain that tour summer ferias around Andalucia.

The SDGG said it would have ‘a varied range of attractions for different age groups’.

It will set the price of all rides at a fixed £3 and give community groups an opportunity to run their own stalls.

“There will be tombolas, games and other side stalls including those being put up by local charitable and sporting organisations,” the SDGG organisers said.

“Eating and drinking outlets will also be provided as well as the ever popular Churros stall.”

Visitors to the Rock on these days will experience the strong close-knit community spirit that the Rock is famous for.

This will be very evident in the family pavilion which will feature entertainment every night and has free entry.

Organised by GibMedia Ltd, the family pavilion will showcase some of the best musical bands the Rock has to offer.

The SDGG will release a full programme of events in the near future.

Tourists and expats will experience the unique Llanito language during their visit to the local summer fair.

Spanish and UK academics have recently given the language their own stamp of approval after studying its Mediterranean roots and varied composition.

The fair will form the perfect prelude to National Day festivities that will be held on September 10 when local people dress up in red and white to celebrate Gibraltar’s self-determination.


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