Smoke from wildfires in Canada reaches Spain’s Malaga

THE wildfire smoke from the hundreds of fires burning in Canada has entered Europe, reaching southern Spain.

The wildfires raging through large swathes of eastern and western Canada have created a large soot cloud which first reached the westernmost part of Andalucia at the start of the week.

Since Tuesday, an eerie orange sky with a grey smoke layer has covered Malaga.

The soot particles can be seen in the form of ‘cloudy skies’, which give a sensation of haze similar to when there is a calima.

This time, however, instead of desert dust, the particles are tragically from the more than 7.6 million hectares of forests in Canada that have been burned; which have then travelled more than 7,000 kilometres carried by the winds.

The worsening fires in Quebec and Ontario will likely make for hazy skies and deep orange sunsets on the Costa del Sol for the rest of the week.

However, according to Jesus Riesco, director of the Malaga meteorological centre, because the smoke is predicted to remain higher in the atmosphere, it’s unlikely that surface air quality will be impacted and is not dangerous for health.


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