Exports in Spain’s Andalucia soar by 24.3% achieving ‘all-time record’

ANDALUCIA has closed 2022 with record exports reaching almost €43,000 million.

Sales abroad grew by 24.3% reaching €42.958 billion, 8 billion more than in 2021, which was also a record year.

Andalucia’s chief export product is olive oil which has also achieved an all-time record, exceeding €3,000 million for the first time (€3,286 million).

A new billion-euro frontier is that of the vegetable sector, which for the first time in history has exceeded €4,000 million exported, thanks to a growth of 13.9% over 2021; or fruit, which is close to €3,000 million, thanks to a rise of 1.1%.

In terms of markets, Andalucia has gained ground in 2022 in 9 of its top 10 markets, with the United States topping the chart as the fastest growing destination for Andalucian exports, up by 62% to €3,287 million.

The US is followed by Morocco -with €2,000 million- and China -with €1,559 million.

Other markets that are also registering strong growth, contributing to the diversification of destinations, such as Saudi Arabia, which is in twelfth place, with a sixfold increase in Andalucian sales (+563%), to €974 million, thanks to a boost in the naval sector.

By provinces, Cadiz ends the year as the first exporter of the community and the fastest growing, with 50% more sales than in 2021 and a turnover of €10,377 million, tallying 24.2% of the total of Andalucia.

The second in sales is Huelva, with 9,134 million in 2022, 21.3% of the total.

Thanks to these soaring figures, PP chief, Juanma Moreno, has highlighted that Andalucia’s export sector continues to demonstrate its ‘potential and strength.’


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