Two years in prison for Gibraltar man who hit woman so hard he knocked out her dental crowns

A MAN who grabbed a woman by the breast and then hit her so hard he knocked out her dental crowns will spend two years behind bars at Gibraltar’s prison.

Mohamed El Ghalouri, 57, of Lynch’s Lane, pleaded guilty to sexual and common assault at the Magistrates Court this week.

The violent attack took place at a Gibraltar bar called Casa Antonio at Waterport roundabout on November 3, 2021.

At about 8.15pm the victim of the assault approached El Ghalouri because she thought he was a friend of hers.

When she realised she did not know him, the woman returned to the bar.

Soon after, El Ghalouri came up from behind her and grabbed her breast.

The pair then had an argument after which El Ghalouri slapped the woman three times so hard on her face, it knocked out three of her dental crowns.

The Royal Gibraltar Police arrived at the scene and the victim told the police what had happened.

After further investigation the crown prosecutor charged the attacker with sexual and common assault.

Over a year later, magistrates sentenced the defendant to 24 weeks in prison for sexual assault with no separate penalty for the violent assault.

The woman had to pay a dentist £360 to get her crowns refitted on her teeth following the common assault.

The attack follows a strengthening of domestic violence legislation by the government in Gibraltar.


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