Father arrested in Lisbon after fleeing with kids to Tenerife

THE DAD of two children who went missing in Tenerife has been arrested in Portugal.

Police arrested Caldas da Rainha, a Portuguese municipality around 100 kilometers from Lisbon, on Tuesday. 

The children, Kristian and Amantia Toska, went missing from Germany in January along with their father and were last spotted on the Spanish island. 

Reports confirmed that the children have since been found safe and well. 

The father traveled with his kids from Germany to Tenerife in December last year. A month later his ex-partner reported the children as missing, telling police he had threatened to kill the children if she reported the abduction. 

In May 2021, a court in Tenerife called the father to appear in court, and in June a judge ordered him to return the children to their mother within ten days. 

But he fled from Tenerife to Lisbon, claiming he did not know the whereabouts of his children. Meanwhile, the mother traveled to Spain to file a complaint about mistreatment and the court asked the National Police to investigate further. 

When the Spanish police discovered that the detainee was in Portugal, they cooperated with the Portuguese authorities to carry out his arrest.


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