Feel like everyone has caught a cold this Christmas? Stats from Spain’s Health Ministry suggest you are right

IF YOU are suffering from a cold, the flu or some other respiratory ailment, and feel like everyone around you in Spain is too, you may not be far off the mark.

According to statistics released by the Carlos III Health Institute, which is part of Spain’s Health Ministry, the incidence of acute respiratory illnesses in the country currently stands at 740 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. 

That’s an increase of 37% on the week before, when the figure stood at 539.

The figures come from a weekly report that monitors flu, Covid-19 and other respiratory illnesses, and covers the week of December 11 to 17. 

The report also shows that positive diagnoses of Covid-19 increased 14% week-on-week, while for flu the figure was a 20% increase.

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