Female gang of pickpockets are arrested after targeting tourists in Spain’s Valencia

A GANG of street thieves have been arrested in Valencia City after robbing a group of Chinese tourists.

The four women operated in a popular sight-seeing spot by the City of Arts and Sciences.

The Valencia Policia Local said they used accessories like glasses and bags as signals to communicate with each other to mislead victims.


They had struck previously in the same area and the police mounted a special operation on Friday to catch them.

They were spotted on Avenida Lopez Piñero where they approached a tourist bus.

The women walked over to a group of tourists and surrounded one of them to see what they could steal.

One of them took a wallet from a backpack as her three colleagues distracted the victim.

The tour guide witnessed the theft, and together with the tourist, they fought back against the thief and recovered the stolen item.

She then ran off towards the City of Justice building, but police officers arrested her and the rest of her crew.

All four women were carrying a large amount of items such as sunglasses, umbrellas, hats and scarves, which they hoped to make identification of them harder in security camera videos.

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