Flights are being diverted from Gibraltar to Spain due to strong winds caused by Storm Aline

STORM Aline is causing chaos with flight plans on the Iberian peninsula, as the strong winds force planes flying to Gibraltar to divert to Malaga.

So far two planes have been rerouted to the Costa del Sol, one BA flight from London Gatwick and another EasyJet flight from London Heathrow.

Given the forecast of severe gale force winds that are expected to hit the Rock later this afternoon and into the evening, it’s likely all flights will end up in Malaga.

Wind gusts have been predicted to exceed 100km/h in exposed areas by MeteoGib. 

Incredibly, a United Airlines flight from Washington destined for Lisbon was also forced to make the lengthy detour to Malaga. 

And as Storm Aline’s grip tightens, it is possible that even flights to Malaga will be forced to divert to other airports.

Air traffic sources state the window between 19:00 and 20:00 could witness ‘challenging crosswinds’, making landing extremely complex along the Malaga coast.


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