Forest fire lights up hills above Marbella on Spain’s Costa del Sol

ON Tuesday evening, at around 11pm, the hills above Spain’s Marbella became victim to another forest fire. 

Up in the mountains, near Ojen, the fire blazed through much of the night and was visible in the Costa del Sol resort below.

At 9am on Wednesday, INFOCA tweeted to say the fire had been extinguished, with the help of 48 fire fighters, one fire engine, and two AAMM – the abbreviation used in Andalucia for it’s Environmental Agency officers.

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Resident Tom caserta shared this photo of the fire at around 11:30pm, Tuesday August 10

Forest fires are happening on a daily occurrence across Spain due to the high temperatures.

Just a few days ago (August 8), there was a large fire in Manilva, which took 55 firefighters, three technicians, one AMM, one fire engine and four helicopters to put it out.

The fire was stabilised within two hours.


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