FROM CASTLES TO CABINS: Here are the coolest staycation properties in Spain

NOBODY saw coronavirus coming and, as such, many of us suffered cancelled holidays and rescheduled trips away.

But as expats in Spain we’re lucky to live in a holiday destination with weird and wonderful tourist accommodation right on our doorstep.

We’ve tracked down the quirkiest vacation hot spots that will be sure to add excitement and adventure to even Spain’s most longstanding seasonaire.


Ever wanted to know what it would feel like to live inside a piece of bubble wrap? Well, here is the Bubble-Pod. Located in Banyoles, the inflatable orbs are a star-gazing haven with the added perks of a swimming pool and a sauna.


‘Parador’ castles

For the boujee amongst us, Paradors are national historical sites that were converted into luxury accommodation by King Alfonso X111 to boost tourism in poorer areas of Spain. Think you’re a queen? Get yourself in here.


Tree houses

Ever watched Bear Grylls The Island and thought you’d like to do it with a few more home comforts? These tree houses in the Basque country will help you feel at one with nature with the privilege of a comfy nights sleep and wifi.

Treehouse 1


For some reason when someone says ‘eco’ it immediately generates mental images of compost. But this bio-climatic home in Tenerife couldn’t be more modern if it tried. With the same aesthetic as a Bond-villains lair, the rural hideaway sits right next to Montana Pelada.


Cave dwellings in Granada

Old abandoned caves once inhabited by the Gypsy population have been miraculously renovated into incredible homes. Ideal for nature lovers, this is the perfect place to rest after a long walk in the Sierra Nevada. As an added plus, they always stay cool no matter how toasty it gets outside.



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