Two of Spain’s natural beauty spots listed in world’s top ten ‘most Instagramable’ destinations

THERE’S no doubt the COVID crisis has brought about a new appreciation for travel.

With many around the globe eager to pack their bags and head to the next bucket-list destination, beauty spots and Insta-worthy shots are sought after now more than ever. 

But those already in Spain don’t have to go far to see one of the world’s ‘Most Instagrammable Natural Beauty Spots’. 

The Pyrenees and Sierra Nevada in Spain have been named among the ‘most instagrammable’ places in the world, according to a recent study.

The Body Shop released a list of the 20 of The World’s Most Instagrammable Natural Beauty Spots across the globe, ranking the Pyrenees and Sierra Nevada 6th and 7th respectively. 


With 3.1 million hashtags, the UK’s largest national park, Lake District is revealed to be the most Instagrammed natural beauty spot in the world. Around 15.8 million visitors head to the Lake District each year to enjoy the area, which covers 2,362 square kilometres, so it’s no wonder it has amassed so many hashtags.  

In second place was Italy’s Amalfi Coast, which UNESCO called ‘an outstanding example of Mediterranean landscape’. Clearly lots of visitors agreed, as 2,800,000 of them hashtagged the view. 

Italy also takes the third spot, alongside France and Switzerland thanks to Mont Blanc which has 2.6k hashtags.  It is also Europe’s highest mountain to explore standing tall at 4,807 metres.  

Making it’s second appearance in the top five, the UK also takes the fourth spot thanks to Scotland’s Highlands, a remote region on the northwest of Scotland which has an impressive 2,400,000 hashtags on Instagram. In fifth place is Italy again, with the Dolomites (another one of Italy’s UNESCO World Heritage sites), which has 2,200,000 hashtags.  

The rest of the top ten features Spain, France and Andorra’s Pyrenees (1,800,000), Spain’s Sierra Nevada (1,400,000), Italy’s Mount Etna (1,300,000), Ecuador’s Islas Galapagos (1,200,000) and Italy’s Lago di Como (1,100,000).  

Take a look at the full list below: 

Top 20 Most Instagrammed Natural Beauty Spots  (with rank, country, name, Instagram hashtag and no. of hashtags)

1  UK  Lake District  #lakedistrict  3,100,000 

2  Italy  Amalfi  #amalficoast  2,800,000 

3  France, Italy and Switzerland  Mont Blanc  #montblanc  26,00,000 

4  UK  Scotland’s Northwest Highlands  #scotlandhighlands  2,400,000 

5  Italy  The Dolomites  #dolomites  2,200,000 

6  Spain, France and Andorra  Pyrenees  #pyrenees  1,800,000 

7  Spain  Sierra Nevada  #sierranevada  1,400,000 

8  Italy  Mount Etna  #etna  1,300,000 

9  Ecuador  Islas Galapagos  #galapagos  1,200,000 

10  Italy  Lago di Como  #lagodicomo  1,100,000 

11  Nepal  Mount Everest  #everest  964,000 

12  Brazil  Fernando de Noronha  #fernandodenoronha  827,000 

13  Brazil  Chapada Dos Veadeiros  #chapadadosveadeiros  797,000 

14  UK  Dartmoor?  #dartmoor  752,000 

15  Brazil  Pantanal  #pantanal  668,000 

16  India  Meghalaya  #meghalaya  641,000 

17  Kenya  Masai Mara  #masaimara  573,000 

18  Honduras  Roatan  #roatan  562,000 

19  UK  Yorkshire Dales  #yorkshiredales  561,000 

20  Brazil  Sugarloaf Mountain  #paodeacucar  526,000 

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