Gold shop owner melted stolen loot for home robbers in Costa Blanca and Murcia areas of Spain

A home robbery gang operating across Costa Blanca and Murcia has been arrested by the Guardia Civil and Policia Nacional.

The six detainees included a gold shop owner who melted down some of the stolen goods.

Three of the group have been jailed.

The Murcia-based gang hopped over the border to plunder homes in Benejuzar and Catral in the Vega Baja region.

The crew all had specific assignments, namely the actual thefts; surveillance and driving; and processing the stolen items.

Properties were frequently broken into while the residents were inside.

A key aspect was one of the gang members being a gold shop owner.

He never registered any of the stolen watches and jewellery that he received.

Raids on three Murcia homes uncovered specialist equipment to analyse gold purity as well as chemicals to melt down items.

Guardia Civil officers from Dolores, Guardamar, and Jacarilla joined forces with the Policia Nacional in Murcia to bring down the gang.

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