Gordon Ramsay brands THIS classic Madrid dish among the best three in the WORLD – but have YOU tried it?

KITCHEN hellraiser Gordon Ramsay has returned from an around-the-world culinary odyssey – and put the dish he tried in Madrid right at the top.

He concluded that the top three dishes in the world emanate from Laos, Vietnam and Spain – specifically the Spanish capital.

The celebrated chef highlighted Madrid’s famous ‘cocido madrileño’, which is based on a soup made from chickpeas, as well as vegetables, pork, and beef.

Ramsay was captivated by this feast of complex, slow-cooked flavours, which he said created an irresistible blend of aromas and textures.

A hearty dish of Cocido madrileño, guaranteed to leave you full and the best dish in the world, according to Gordon Ramsay / CORDON PRESS

It’s a hearty dish served over three courses that comes into its own during the winter months. It is also the best in the world, according to Ramsey. 

In Laos, he identified the traditional ‘Laap,’ a salad made from marinated beef or chicken with lime, fresh herbs, chilies, and toasted rice. 

The second in his global top three, the British masterchef marvelled at the explosion of flavours, where the acidity of the lime combines with the freshness of the herbs and the spiciness of the chilies, adding a unique touch and enhancing its flavour.

In Vietnam, Ramsay discovered the legendary ‘Pho,’ a noodle soup with beef or chicken that is a cornerstone of Vietnamese cuisine. 

This dish has gained popularity worldwide, but Ramsay insists that nothing compares to trying an authentic ‘Pho’ in its place of origin. 

The umami flavours of bone broth, spices, and fresh herbs, combined with the silky texture of the noodles, make this dish a unique and comforting experience, especially on cold days.


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