Police in Spain’s Barcelona province arrest minor for allegedly using artificial intelligence to create child pornography

A MINOR has been arrested in Barcelona province on suspicion of using artificial intelligence to create child pornography. The youngster is thought to have been taking photos of children from his window and then using the ‘deep fake’ technology to turn the images into content of a sexual nature. 

According to the National Police, the suspect is facing charges of creating, possessing and distributing child pornography. In his home, officers discovered a large amount of files containing sexual content of children, some of it very extreme, as well as the images created with AI.

News agency Efe reported that the youngster was using the technology to remove clothing such as shorts or bikinis from the images of girls that he took from his window, before sharing them via social media. 

In fact, the police investigation into the suspect’s alleged activities began after the National Police detected more than 300 images of child pornography that were being shared on social networks and instant messaging. 


The suspect was allegedly using these networks to offer to transform any photo of a minor into a pornographic image. 

This latest case comes after a high-profile scandal in the Extremadura region, which hit the headlines in September when the mothers of local schoolgirls in the municipality of Alendralejo, Badajoz, denounced the use of AI to create nude photos of their daughters.

The police are investigating as many as 26 local schoolboys for their involvement in the case, while there are thought to be around 21 victims of the faked pictures.

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