Green light for new golf course and 2800 luxury homes in Spain’s Malaga

MALAGA moves forward with its plan to build a new golf course and 2,800 homes in Rojas-Santa Tecla.

The municipal planning department has given the green light for the necessary earthworks to carry out the corresponding archaeological movements in the two sites located in the area: San Miguel and Camino de Velarde.

The favourable resolution of urbanism grants plans for the construction of 2,847 homes and an 18-hole golf course.

This initiative is planned for an area of around 1.5 million square metres, located near Camp Benitez and the Cortijo de Mazas and El Olivar sectors, in the vicinity of Torremolinos.

This space will be used for the construction of 2,847 homes, as well as an 18-hole golf course, with a surface area of 500,000 metres and more than 330,000 metres of green areas.

More than 92,000 square metres will also be allocated for other facilities, including; 22,784.53 for sports facilities; 45,690.26 for school facilities and 24,207.48 for social facilities.

A further 11,719 square metres will be used for a commercial building area and 244,172 square metres will be allocated to create new roads.

Additionally, a new external sewage collector which be constructed to support the extension of the tertiary treatment system of the Guadalhorce WWTP and the general distribution pipe for recycled water, fundamental given that both the irrigation of the green areas of the new site and the planned golf course must be carried out with recycled water.

The ambitious project, one of the largest residential operations in the capital, also aims to boost economic activity in the area.


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