Cash-strapped nightclubs and late bars on the Costa Blanca brand summer season as a disaster in Spain

LATE bars and nightclubs in the Valencian Community say they are only generating just over a quarter of their 2019 income levels.

A survey from the Spain by Night, Fotor, and Alroa associations says that of the 73.5% of businesses still operating in the wake of the pandemic, income is down to 26.6% of what it was two years ago.

82.3% of business owners blame the Valencian government for their current plight.

A statement branded the administration as the ‘main cause of the disaster’ of the summer season.

The statement attacked restrictions including the return of night curfews to key city and tourist areas and blasted the government for ‘terrible planning’.

The leisure businesses also criticised the ‘inability of local councils to control botellons’, with young people flouting rules to stage late night open air drinks parties.

The three associations said that only 11.9% of their losses caused by restrictions had been covered so far by regional government financial aid.

97.1% of businesses and staff surveyed said they backed reactivating protests and a campaign next month to demand more help.

They also want the government to create a plan with them to allow them to return to normal trading.


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