Half dozen key steps for net zero in Europe, Spain and Britain

A SERIES of small, key behavioural changes will be enough to prevent global warning, a key environmental think tank has claimed.

The British body has laid out six important steps that will help Europe reach its goal of cutting emissions to net zero by 2050.

These include cutting our driving by 4%, our flying by 6% and by dropping our consumption of meat and dairy by 20%.

“It is not the case that net zero requires total transformation in all aspects of our lives,” said a spokesman for the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change.

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Electric car sales will need to soar

“There is a relatively small number of key behavioural changes that will deliver most of the necessary emissions reductions.

“Some have argued mass transition to vegetarianism, an end to international flights or mass transition from cars. They are not necessarily required to meet net zero.”

Other key changes involve car fleets becoming 60% electric by 2035 and all new cars being electric by then.

In addition, 40% of homes need low carbon heating or air conditioning using heat pumps. Heating systems need to be low carbon.

We will also need to reduce waste per person by 37% via recycling, composting and lower consumption.

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